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Customized Photo Keepsake – Gift for Friends and Loved Ones

Posted by Gregory Vasquez on

3D Crystal Photo keepsakes are a great way to make memories, especially if you have a loved one who will cherish them. For many, however, this special gift is just too costly for them. That is when you may want to consider a custom made gift with a customized photograph. If you are looking for customized gifts that work well for almost any occasion and break from the normal mold, a fine selection of fine-quality custom engraved 3D crystal photo keepsakes is just for you – 3dlasergifts.com.

Give any occasion with a beautiful photo that will stay with everyone forever. Choose a photo of the two of you at your wedding or graduation or any other occasion you may choose. Also, make sure that the photo is of high resolution. You can find these at most online retailers and craft stores. If you want the item to last longer than the usual time period, you might want to consider a photo that is printed on card stock so that you will not have to worry about it being torn or chipped in a hurry.

You can choose from a variety of pictures that you would like etched onto the photo. There are those with just a small border, or some with very elaborate decorations around the photo, making a beautiful display piece. If you want your photo to be more of a keepsake, consider one with your name, and the date it was taken, as well as the name of your recipient inscribed in a heart-shaped charm. This is a perfect keepsake for a parent, spouse, child, or friend.

There is no need to be concerned about the quality of your photos. As long as they are of high resolution, and are of good quality to begin with, there is no reason why they cannot be engraved with a personalized photograph. If you are not sure about what type of photograph you would like, you can ask your chosen vendor for some suggestions. They should know and be able to recommend a number of options. This can help you make an informed decision and ensure that your custom photo keepsake will truly be something special to those who see it.

When ordering a custom photo keepsake with your photograph, be sure to mention if the photograph would fit the style of the item being offered. If your gift is a nice-personalized photo frame or photo album, for example, then the photograph should also fit the style of the gift and make sure that it fits the dimensions of the frame.

If the picture fits nicely into the frame, it is also important that the frame is something that the recipient enjoys. Many people will prefer to receive a photo in a lovely frame with a personal message or a simple design rather than receive a large framed picture that has no meaning to the individual receiving it. Be sure to keep in mind the size and the material used, as well as the amount of space and what color the frame will be.

If you want something a little bit different, ask the jeweler to make sure that the frame matches the photo and is the same size as the picture. Be sure to leave room for the image and to make sure that it matches the colors of the picture to ensure that it will hold the photo properly.

You can always send the photo as a set as well. If the gift is a personalized photo, the jeweler can add a photoadditional photo for added fun, giving you a nice gift in one package.