Lock Change – Changing And Replacing Your Locks Doesn’t Have To Be An Embarrassing Mistake

For the average homeowner, lock changes are not very important. If they could do it themselves and without permission, there probably would not be any home burglaries or attempted bank raids. Unfortunately, it is much more dangerous to allow an unauthorized person into your home or car than it is to have a professional perform a lock change. You need to protect yourself when you change your locks or else you might end up in even more serious financial and/or personal problems.

First, if you are changing your locks and you are not planning on installing a new high-security door lock, then you need to change the old key that comes with it. It does not matter which type of lock you use, they will all have a key that can be changed. Any old key can be removed and the new one put into place. Be sure to read your locksmith’s instructions so you can change the key the right way.

Next, make sure you contact a qualified and licensed locksmith company. There are many locksmiths out there that offer lock change services but they usually charge a hefty price for the service. This is because locks rekeyed by locksmiths do not have to undergo any special training. When a locksmith rekeys your home or car, he is actually changing the actual lock – not just the keys.

A good locksmith will let you know up front whether or not he will show you a proof of the work that was performed. Many locksmiths will claim that they will show you a proof of work, but they usually won’t show you any unless you bring it with them during the initial meeting. Many people are suspicious about whether or not locksmiths will actually put their own signature on the work they did. If a locksmiths’ representative picks up your property during his lock change, he should offer to show you some sort of certification or license. These licenses come in two forms; those for locksmiths that work locally and those for locksmiths that work statewide.

One thing that homeowners should watch out for when hiring a locksmith to change or reset their homes is whether or not they are using the same company to do both tasks. Most legitimate locksmiths will not only provide a list of references but will also show you samples of their work. Some companies may even provide an appraiser. Take all of these things into consideration before hiring a locksmith to do both lock changes and renewing of your property. With so many options out there, it shouldn’t be hard at all to find a reputable and trustworthy company to handle the job.

Homeowners that need both tasks done can also save money by doing the jobs themselves. Locksmiths tend to charge more when both tasks are needed. This is because they have to buy two sets of tools and a new key for each job, which means that they charge more overall. If you simply rekey your doors and locks then you could save quite a bit of money. Plus, it’s a simple task that locksmiths can complete quite quickly.