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Office Cleaning Services 101

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How do you decide which cleaning service is right for your office? A cleaning service is the company you hire to come in and do cleaning services throughout your office building. However, many people are concerned with the costs associated with a professional cleaning service. There are a few ways that you can be sure that you will be getting the best cleaning services possible at the best prices. Book Standard 2-hour Office Cleaning Now!

Office Cleaning Services

NEVER BE BOUND BY COSTS When it comes to hiring office cleaning services, the first thing you should think about is your budget. It is important that you know exactly what you want done before you decide on a cleaning service and you should not feel pressured into hiring a cleaning service that has a cheap price and does not offer you the service you require. Make sure that the price that is charged to you is in line with your needs.

NEVER HASSLE Your Office Cleaner: Professional cleaning services are not going to have to haggle over what you want cleaned or over whether or not they are charging a reasonable price with your needs in mind. You want to make sure that you are able to work with your cleaner and that they are able to provide quality cleaning solutions. When you are choosing office cleaning services, make sure that you take the time to ask questions of the cleaners that you are considering. Find out what their qualifications are and how long they have been in business.

ALWAYS HOST A SEMINAR FOR YOUR CLEANING NEEDS: It is very important that you understand what you want cleaned, the budget that you have, and what the professionals are charging for your cleaning needs. If you want to learn more about what you are paying for the cleaning services, you can always hold a seminar for the office cleaners. This will give you the opportunity to ask the cleaners any questions you have and allow them to get more ideas for the cleaning services that are going to be needed. It is also helpful to find out who will be doing your cleaning for you so that you are able to plan the cleaning service accordingly. A professional cleaning service will know the best way to clean your office in order to ensure that your office stays neat and clean.

NEVER BE SUGGRIOUS When it comes to hiring office cleaning services, you want to feel comfortable when you are working with your cleaning provider. They should never try to tell you to hire them just because they have a lot of money and you don’t. Many cleaning services can also offer perks for their cleaning services such as cleaning products and a discount if you bring a gift from your boss. Ask if the cleaners offer any sort of incentive, such as a discounted rate if you bring in an item of your choice.

NEVER BE SUGGRIOUS When it comes to hiring cleaning services make sure that you feel comfortable while you are cleaning. Be sure that the cleaning provider that you choose offers you great pricing and has good customer service.

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What Is Chiropractic Care?

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Chiropractic care is a health-care therapy that utilizes various techniques and procedures to treat different body conditions, such as muscular tension, muscle strain, muscle spasms, and muscular disorder. Chiropractors utilize a wide range of modalities and treatments in order to restore the proper balance and function in the patient’s body. Chiropractors have also been instrumental in the development of therapeutic techniques. These techniques are being used to treat many physical ailments today.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is commonly recognized as an alternative or complementary medical practice. Chiropractic is actually a non-traditional alternative and complementary medicine concern that are concerned with the treatment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders of the spinal column. This type of therapy was first documented in 1900 by Alexander Hugh Lodge. He conducted extensive research and published his findings in the seminal text, The Principles Of Chiropractic Medicine.

In this book, he described how chiropractic care treats and corrects misalignment and problems that occur with the spine and spinal column. The spinal column is the center of the human body and is responsible for controlling many of the functions of the human body. It is one of the most vital parts of the body and should be treated properly in order to maintain proper function. Most of these misalignment issues that chiropractors address involve the spinal column, but they can also affect the lungs, kidneys, heart, and other organs.

For the treatment of muscular tension, chiropractic care can be applied by using soft tissue manipulation techniques. During the manipulation process, the practitioner will often loosen the muscles surrounding the back by applying gentle pressure on the joints. These types of manipulations help to decrease the pain and inflammation of the back muscles.

Chiropractors also utilize deep compression and ultrasound to treat many types of muscular disorders. The use of massage techniques, such as Swedish massage, is also common for chiropractic care. Many of these techniques are performed on a daily basis in order to increase the flow of blood throughout the entire body, including the back, abdominal, neck, and extremities. Other techniques may also use ultrasound to help improve circulation and relieve pain.

Chiropractors also offer various techniques to help with balance in the body and improve your posture. These include spinal adjustments, balancing techniques, and physical therapy techniques. Chiropractic care has helped millions of people gain relief from various problems that affect their body systems.

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Plating, the Role of Insulation

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Electrical installation is basically an electrical installation of electrical cabling and related devices like switches, distribution boards, and sockets, and lighting fixtures in a building. The term ‘install’ is used loosely, to mean any process related to the installation of electrical cables or devices. This also includes any other electrical work that may require a connection between electrical equipment and components, like installing, or repairing power tools, testing, installing a system of computer wiring, etc.

Electrical Installation

In an electrical installation, the term ‘wire’ is sometimes used to refer to electrical wires. Wire refers to electrical wire insulation. This insulation consists of many layers, each having a specific purpose. It also makes it easy to install new electrical cabling, as well as to connect wires to one another without damage.

A wire or cable is used for connecting two items together. It has several insulating layers, each with a different purpose and application. It can be either insulated or non-insulated. Non-insulated wire is made of a single sheet of material, whereas insulated wire is made up of several sheets of different types of material. The insulator acts to reduce electrical resistance when the wire is in contact with other electrical components and supplies a safe connection.

There are three basic types of electrical wires, namely, electrical conductors, electrical insulated conductors, and electrical insulated conductors and plies. Conductors are used in a wide variety of applications, including wiring for electric motors and generators, to electrical appliances like televisions, radios, air conditioning units, etc. Insulated conductor refers to wire that has been treated with an insulator material, so that it has a better electrical resistance when compared to other wire. Insulated conductors have a better resistance, which is essential for safe electrical connections. These insulators can be made from a variety of materials, but the most popular ones are plastic, polyester, tin, or silver plated.

Conductors are made up of various types of insulation. There are conductors made out of plastic, copper, and rubber that have been treated with an insulator substance. The thickness of the insulator determines the resistance of the conductor. The thinner the conductor is, the lower its resistance will be. However, thin wires can also have a higher resistance.

The insulating substance used in insulating conductors is called ‘plastic’. The plating is often done on the wires, to give them a more lasting insulating properties. Some materials used in plating include tin and nickel. Other types of insulation include tin sheet, steel, and carbon fiberglass. The thickness of the insulation also depends on the wire being used. The insulating layer used is also important, because thicker wires are less expensive to make than thinner wires. However, thicker wires can also have a longer life span than thinner wires.

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How to Fix Refrigerator Door Handles Problems

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If you find your Fix Refrigerator Door Handles constantly moving, you will need to make sure it is properly lubricated before the problem rears its head again. The reason for the door handle slipping up and down is usually grease buildup and dirt build up that needs to be cleaned and lubricated to keep it from happening again.

You should not attempt to clean out the door handle until you have thoroughly cleaned your refrigerator and all of the surrounding areas. Then you should lubricate the door handles to avoid moisture from building up around the area and causing damage to your doors. It is also a good idea to keep a small bottle of water handy to help keep you from getting overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning.

The first thing that you want to do is open the door handle up and clean the area behind it. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove any food remnants or debris that has built up inside. Rinse thoroughly with soapy water and make sure to rinse all the way down the door handle as well. This process will take quite a bit of time so if you do not have the time to complete this process yourself then you may want to call in a professional service to do it for you.

Next, you will want to carefully look at your door handles and make sure that there are no cracks or breaks. If you see any signs of damage then you will need to replace your door handles immediately. Also, you should check the seals on the door as this is one of the most common ways that a door can break. If you find any signs of rust then you should replace the seals as well.

After you have finished cleaning out the area around the door and replacing any seals that may be in need of repair, you will then want to ensure that the door is closed and set back on its hinges. With a hammer, you should gently tap the hinges into place. Once you have done this you should set the handle back to where it should be. You should make sure that the handle is completely centered once you are done. If it is not set properly then you will need to adjust it so that it is.

Finally, you should test your door by opening and closing it before replacing the door handle completely. If the door still does not close properly then you may want to have a professional come out and check it out to ensure that it is not something else that is causing the problem.

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Tips When It Comes To Sump Pump Installation

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Sump Pumps can save homeowners the embarrassment of having a blocked sump pump, but you must remember that these systems are not the best and most reliable, and that they are extremely dangerous in some cases. It is your responsibility to ensure that your property is protected against a possible flood. You will want to keep your eyes open for signs of a possible flood in your area, but it is also a good idea to keep an eye out for any signs of sump pumps and sump pits. These devices are designed to prevent water from flooding a home or building, and they are often installed by a professional. Make sure to have them checked by a professional before installing one in your home.

You can find Sump Pump Installation at almost any hardware store or home center. They are fairly easy to install, and the cost of the system will depend on the size, type, and brand that you choose. If you are not sure of what type of sump pump you need, ask the salesperson what features they recommend for your situation. Sump pumps can vary in cost from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on what they offer and how much they cost to run. However, it is important to remember that you are paying for their service, and that you will be paying for these systems over time.

Sump Pumps work by using the power of gravity to turn the drain pipes into a liquid which flows through the sewer system, preventing any overflow from occurring. These pumps are connected to a main line, and it is important to make sure that the water that you use to flush the toilet does not leak from the drainage pipes onto your floors. If it does, your walls will begin to swell up, and this can cause you serious problems.

Before trying to install a Sump Pump in your home, it is best to have it checked out by a professional to ensure that the drain pipe is properly installed. This is because it is the main drain line which can allow the water to seep through into the home, causing damage to all areas of your home, and even possibly damaging your roof. If your sump pump is not properly installed, it may cause the water to spill over instead of flowing out. This will cause flooding in the home and can cause the ceiling and walls of your home to become damaged.

The location of the sump pump and its location within the home will also determine the amount of money you have to pay for the installation. You should be sure to consider the area where you are trying to install the sump pump before you place any bids for it. Make sure that the sump pump is placed near the main water source and that the pipe that is used to drain water to the outside of your home. If you are trying to install it in an area with a leaking drain field, you should look for a sump pump that is near enough to the pipes that go to the outside of your house. A lot of people mistakenly choose a sump pump that is far away from the area in order to save money, but this can result in an overflow that can cause the pipes to break. If you need the sump pump to go to the outside of the house, it is often best to buy a pump with a larger discharge, because a smaller discharge may cause it to back up into your basement and fill the entire basement instead of draining out.

If you are unsure of the location of your sump pump, ask for advice from a professional. This will help you ensure that the pump is placed correctly and that your sump pump is installed in a safe manner. Having the correct sump pump placed in your home can protect your home from a disaster.

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What’s Included in a Good Bed Bug Pest Control Service?

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Bed bugs have become a serious pest concern and their population has dramatically increased in recent years. A bedbug infestation should be taken care of as soon as possible and effectively. Whether you are seeking professional advice from trained bedbug exterminators or you are trying to treat a home for yourself, you have come to the right page.

bed bug pest control

There is no doubt about it, these bugs are very difficult to get rid of. Their bites are uncomfortable and can even cause rashes if you are allergic to them. They can travel a great distance and spread from one person’s bedroom to another. This makes them one of the most difficult pests to treat successfully.

Bedbug pest control solutions involve a variety of things. Some are more effective than others, depending on how they are used.

The first thing that should be done when a problem has begun is to find out where the bedbugs are coming from. They do not all feed at the same times of the day. One that feeds during the day may feed in your bedroom at night as well. This means that you should also look around for signs of infestations. You should also check for any evidence of the bedbugs in your mattress, bed frame or sheets.

The next step is to search online for bedbug control products. There are many companies who sell bedbug control sprays, powders and creams on the market. These products can be applied to the bed areas of your home and can kill the bugs and reduce the number of bugs that are present in your home. Some of the bedbug control products available may have other ingredients that can help to kill the bedbugs.

Insecticides should not be used directly on the bed bugs. Bedbugs can actually destroy these insecticides with their saliva. Instead, it is much more effective to spray the insecticide directly onto the bedding material that the bugs are feeding on. If you are trying to treat a room as part of a total bedbug control plan, then using the insecticide on the bedding will ensure that there is less for the bugs to feed on and more space left in the room. for the rest of your family to enjoy.

Diatomaceous earth can also be used in conjunction with an existing bedbug control program. This type of dust works by coating the bedding material with a thin film of the substance. The dust will work to prevent the bugs from entering the bedding and breathing in it. It will also help to reduce the number of bugs that enter the room and cause problems in the future.

Dusting the area where the bugs are feeding should also be done regularly. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner. A vacuuming machine is an excellent way to get all of the bugs out of the crevices and cracks of the bedding and mattress. The dusting will also ensure that there is less room for the bugs to hide and thrive in.

Many people prefer to use pesticides and insecticides on mattresses and bed frames to kill the bugs, but it is not always the best idea. Many people have found that using a combination of both approaches helps to kill the bugs and reduce the numbers of bed bugs that they have.

One tip that many people find to be very useful is to use one pesticide and then use a bed bug misting spray to cover up the area of application and to keep the bed bug spray from running off the bedding and into other areas. Once you have covered the bed bug spray, you can then use the bedbug misting spray to treat all of the bed areas and to keep them from coming back and allowing the pests to spread through the room again.

It is important to remember that it will take some time to completely get rid of the bed bug problem that is present in your home and you will need the help of a reputable bed bug control company to get started. Professional pest control services are able to handle all of the necessary things that you need to take care of the bedbug problem effectively. They will use the right types of tools and techniques to get rid of the bugs and keep the bedbug population down to an absolute minimum. They will also offer advice to ensure that no children are at risk.

If you want to learn more about Bed Bug Pest Control, then you can start by searching online. There are many resources available to teach you more about how to solve your own problems and get rid of bugs in your home.

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Tips For Hiring A Private Chef

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private chef or personal chef is an individual who is hired only by other clients to prepare and cook food for them at their homes, depending on their preferences and needs. A chef will prepare a meal that is tailored to meet the specific tastes and demands of the client. The private chef may be the person responsible for preparing the food and serving the meal to the client. A lot of people hire a private chef as they want to have someone else prepare their meals for them, as well as being able to cook the meals themselves in order to avoid having to eat substandard food that would not be fit for consumption.

Private Chef

In the past, a private chef was usually referred to as a housekeeping professional, as they were often called upon to provide housekeeping services. In many instances, they are paid for the services they offer to their customers, but in many other instances, they are compensated for the meals and other services that they provide.

If you are hiring a private chef for your next party or event, there are some important things that you should know before you hire one to do your cooking for you. First of all, make sure that the person you hire has experience with the type of food you are planning to serve at your event. This way, you will be able to ensure that they will be able to prepare your food according to your specifications.

Next, make sure that you have checked references for this individual, as many times there are individuals who are simply trying to scam unsuspecting people out of money, and a reference from someone who you can trust will help you to determine whether or not this person can do a good job. Also, be aware of the fees that will be charged you by your private chef.

Make sure that you find out if there is a specific number of hours that a private chef can work in your kitchen, as well as if they are required to start and stop work whenever the need arises. Also, make sure that the individual you hire has the proper training, as these professionals know how to work in your home kitchen. You should also make sure that the person has adequate knowledge about the different kinds of foods that are best served at your event and in particular.

You should never let the personal chef to run rough-shod over your menu, as they should provide you with suggestions for your meals as well as serving you meals according to your specifications. While hiring a private chef, you also need to make sure that you pay them a reasonable amount, as this is not a business venture. rather it is more of an opportunity for you to have a personal chef to come and give you a hand in preparing your meal.

Finally, make sure that you check with your state’s Health Department for requirements regarding the hours that the person is allowed to work. While most states allow the personal chef to work up to four hours per day, others might allow for a bit more, depending on the size of your event and the complexity of the task that you are planning to complete.

Make sure that you take the time to discuss all of the details with your personal chef, and ensure that you do a thorough job of explaining what is expected of them. If you hire a wrong person, they might leave you high and dry and without any work after the event is completed. In addition to the actual hiring of the personal chef, make sure that you ask them about any background checks that might be required, as these individuals should be thoroughly checked out before you employ them, as a lot of fraud and dishonesty can come about from hiring the wrong individual.

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Choosing Your Local Bundle Provider

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If you run a business, chances are you have heard of a local Bundle Provider. These providers can be a great way to gain more exposure for your business locally, as well as help get the word out about your brand. Local Bundlers work with their customers to create bundles that feature specific products from different vendors. Local Bundlers will also provide training to help businesses use the right bundling methods to drive traffic to their websites.

Local Bundle Provider

A local Bundle Provider can help you build and sustain a strong client base that will continue to grow with your business, regardless of what industry you’re in. The ability to manage close customer relationships is crucial when it comes to providing a good product or service to your clients. If your bundles aren’t able to do so, then they could be harming your overall business.

A Local Bundler will help ensure that your customer is satisfied and happy with the products you offer. This is critical if you want to make sure that your client returns to see you in the future. Your Bundler can help with the design, promotion and creation of your packages so that your client is satisfied.

While most bundles offer similar products, each bundle offers something unique. A Local Bundle Provider can assist you in creating your package that has a distinct flair and is one of a kind. They can also help you customize the packaging and marketing of your bundle so that it looks appealing to your audience.

When choosing a Local Bundle Provider for your business, you should look for a provider that has a long list of customers. A local Bundler should provide the best experience to your client so that they can keep coming back for more. As your business grows, it’s important that you keep adding new products and services, but your local bundler should keep your current clients happy.

Once you’ve found a bundle that fits into your business, the next step is to build the bundle. Local Bundler companies can help you design and develop your bundle to meet your specific needs. You should take advantage of their creative ideas and help them bring your bundle to life in an effort to market your products and services. It’s also crucial that your bundle is easy to sell.

You can also ask for suggestions from your bundler to make your bundle unique. If you don’t know much about a particular company, ask if you can go shopping with them. To make your bundle as memorable as possible, you may want to include special offers, discount codes and coupons to help keep your bundle interesting.

Once you’ve completed your bundle, it’s important that you continue to use your local bundle provider to help market your bundle. Local Bundlers can help with your online promotion, marketing and website promotion. This can help you grow your business and get the word out about your bundle. Make sure you’re working with a company that’s willing to give you advice on how to use their services so that your bundle can help your business thrive.

The last thing to do after developing a bundle is to promote it using your local bundle provider. Your local bundle provider can help you with local marketing and can even help you get your bundle listed on the yellow pages. It’s essential that you use your local bundler because they understand the importance of keeping your bundle on the forefront of your target audience’s minds.

A local bundle provider understands how important it is to keep your bundle in front of your audience so that they can remember it. Even if they can’t help you with online promotion, they can help you with local advertising. that will encourage your customers to go to your local bundle site and read more about your bundle so that they’ll know more about your business.

Your bundle should be able to stand out by being unique. Because people who visit your bundle site will be your audience, they’ll want to take the time to check out what you have to offer. They’ll want to know more about the products and services that you have. By using your local bundler, you’re able to make your bundle stand out in their minds so they’ll want to visit your bundle site.

The bottom line is that you’ll want to stay close to your local bundle provider so that they can easily get in touch with your bundle. They’ll be there to answer any questions that you may have and can also help you reach your audience on a regular basis. Using a local bundler can be helpful for growing your business, and it’s worth doing.

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How to Get the Best Free Fridge Repair

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Fridge repair does not always need professional assistance. Many simple repairs are quite easy and simple, and knowing how they are done can really save you money. If you have a basic understanding of how appliances work, there are many simple repairs you can do yourself.

Fridge Repair

The most basic, and often less complicated, repair is changing the filter on your refrigerator. Most of these appliances are very old and have a filter that is no longer effective or has a clog. If the filter on your refrigerator is clogged, it will eventually stop functioning. You may be able to clear the blockage by unscrewing the filter from your refrigerator, but if the clog is too big or stubborn, you will need to replace the filter.

To replace the old filter, take the old one, and put it in your refrigerator. Next, turn on the power to your refrigerator and then open the refrigerator door. Once the door is open, push the filter back into the refrigerator. You may want to turn off the power and then replace the filter. Make sure that you turn on the power again when the old filter is replaced.

Another simple fix is to clean the glass covering the top and sides of your refrigerator. If your glass is cracked or damaged, it will stop working. To clean your glass, remove it and clean it with a damp cloth.

One other simple fix that many people do is replace the doors that hold their ice makers. Many ice makers use plastic doors. These plastic doors will often become damaged over time. You can replace the doors yourself by gently taking apart the plastic covering and putting them in your freezer.

The doors on your ice makers work a lot like the glass on your refrigerator doors. They seal off the air from the outside world, keeping the ice cold. When they start to weaken, your ice makers will stop working.

The easiest way to clean your plastic doors on your ice maker is to buy them a small can of spray adhesive. stick it to the insides of the doors. After you have put the door covers back into place, put your ice maker on, then apply the adhesive to the inside of the doors. Put them in your freezer for about an hour or so.

The above three-fridge repair tips should help you find and install the ones that work best for you. There are many different types of fridges, so check the instructions that come with the product that came with your refrigerator to determine which ones you need to repair.

The above fridge repair products are only a couple of the many kinds of fridge repair products available today. If you have a lot of equipment in your fridge that can be fixed by a fridge repair, you should talk to your refrigerator manufacturer for more information.

If you cannot find one of these fridge repair products, then you can go online and look for information on the internet. There are many sites that offer free information on just about any type of problem that you might be having with your fridge.

The repair companies that specialize in refrigerators will know exactly what you are looking for in these products and the process that is required to repair them. If they don’t, you can also look online for a DIY site that will give you a step by step guide on how to fix this type of appliance.

For more information on a repair, look at a website that offers tips on the repair of bridges. A number of websites also offer you a chance to contact a repair technician if you need it.

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Types of Drain Cleaners and Their Functions

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drain cleaner, also known as an activated carbon scrubber or a carbon scrubbing machine, is a mechanical cleaning device used to clean sewer pipes and clogged sewer drains. The word can also refer to any mechanical device like a drain plunger, plumber’s snake, toilet plunger, drain auger or similar device for cleaning water pipes.

Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaners usually use carbon in order to perform their cleaning task. Carbon, together with other materials like sodium hypochlorite, is an effective disinfectant, which makes it an excellent solution for disinfecting water pipes and drains. Aside, from disinfection, a drain cleaner also prevents the growth of molds. While carbon is not a complete drain cleaner; it is also effective against other organic pollutants. There are two kinds of drain cleaners: the surface-action type and the submersible drain cleaners.

Water is first forced to travel through a submersible drain cleaner before it is drained out by a surface-action type. The submersible drain cleaners work by pushing the wastewater into a sludge chamber; however, this sludge chamber has to be pumped with air so that it cannot sink down into the sewer system.

As the wastewater is pushed into the submersible drain cleaner, it will cause water flow at higher speeds, which could possibly destroy the pipes. The submersible drain cleaners also need a long hose in order to keep the wastewater at a high velocity so it can easily enter the sewer system. In turn, the wastewater would get removed from the drain by a surface-action drain cleaner.

A carbon-activated drain cleaner, on the other hand, does not require any chemicals in order to effectively clean pipes and drains. It is made up of carbon and activated carbon, two organic substances that are able to effectively remove the unwanted organisms from water pipes and drains. Most of these types of cleaners come with a long hose, which enables the operator to easily maintain its rate of flow.

Aside from disinfecting water, they also prevent water from getting back in your drains by removing the microorganisms that was trapped inside your pipes. Microorganisms may cause illnesses or even diseases if they are allowed to multiply inside your pipes, causing health problems.

Professional drain cleaners are needed in order to clean water pipes and drains because they can’t clean up your pipes and drain by themselves. However, professional drain cleaners use a variety of machines and equipment. One of these machines is the activated carbon dioxide (ACD). ACD is a highly concentrated form of oxygenated carbon and its vapour is then carried out to clean water pipes and drains.

You can also find a drain cleaner in a shop that sells a variety of water pipes and drain cleaners. Before you buy one though, make sure that you do some research and check out the reputation and experience of the store you are planning to purchase your drain cleaner from.

If possible, try to find out what kind of drain cleaner is recommended for your house, because different types of drain cleaners have different functions and features. There are those that are recommended to clear the pipes and drains, and those that are designed to simply disinfect water.

There are also drain cleaners that use ultraviolet light, which is used to kill microorganisms. Other drain cleaners work by using high-pressure jets to blast down the drains. However, you should check first whether the drain cleaner that you are planning to buy can help disinfect water and remove the microorganisms.

Aside from regular maintenance procedures and maintenance, you can also check for signs of wear and tear, since the best drain cleaner is still the one that will last for a long time. With proper cleaning and disinfection, you can use your drain cleaner for a long time without having to buy another one, which is very cost effective.

If you need to find a drain cleaner that will last for years, then look for a drain cleaner that has regular maintenance procedures and a guarantee period of at least five years. Of course, you also have to take care of the drain cleaner after its warranty period expires. There are also some cleaners that have additional benefits and features, such as a built-in timer, which makes it easier to clean the drain even if you forget to clean it.