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Car Unlock Service – Uses a Locksmith to Retrieve Keys From Your Car

Posted by Gregory Vasquez on

Car Unlock Service,” the name says it all! No, I am not going to tell you about the new Dodge Caravan that just came out with new “Super Handling All Wheel Drive” (SHDW) Technology. Nor am I going to tell you about the fact that our company now has the exclusive rights to market and sell the Dodge Ram Caravan. That’s too much information. Instead, let me give you a little advice on how to unlock a car…

One way to unlock your car without calling us is to get into the trunk of your vehicle and hit the power steering wheel so that the engine starts to move that way. Now, while you are driving, keep your eyes on the road so that you don’t get distracted by anything that might be on the road in front of you or behind you. Once your engine is moving the way you want it to go, then slam on the brakes so that the car locks up (you may hear a small pop). You will have to exit the vehicle and come back another way to get out.

Another way to unlock your car without calling us is if you are locked out of your car – for real this time. You may think that this is not a problem, but believe me, it is if you are locked out of your car at night, with the temperature dropping, by the side of the road in the pouring rain, or any other time that you have no cell phone or a cell phone signal. If you have an emergency button that you can push at any time, you can call us, dial in, and talk to someone in the emergency service unit if you need it.

You may also find it necessary to use the services of a locksmith. While we do not recommend calling a locksmith, it does have its uses. If you are locked out of your car, you can call a locksmith, use our free 24 hr lockouts page to find one close by, or call a local emergency locksmith to see if they can help. Many times, they can open the trunk just fine using our instructions. Then you can drive away while the lock is fixed, preventing the loss of valuable items contained within.

One thing that you must realize – if you have locked yourself out of your car, it is best to try first other options first, and then call a locksmith or an emergency service company. Some locksmiths are trained to work emergency services only, while others will gladly help. And, while many locksmiths will unlock cars from the inside, it may be necessary to use an outside unlocking tool, such as a padlock or bolt cutter. These tools are available for rent at most of our locations.

We highly recommend using a locksmith or an emergency service when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. Though we never recommend stealing the car keys, it is often easier to retrieve keys that have been locked from the inside of your car. Once the keys have been removed and the car has been locked, it is often difficult to find the keys to re-key the ignition or access the vehicle Contents. An auto locksmith can also advise you on the best course of action, whether to call a locksmith or leave the keys in your car.